PREMIUM COLLECTION - Natural Peridot Ring

PREMIUM COLLECTION - Natural Peridot Ring

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  • Peridot 925 Sterling silver ring
  • Origin - Burma
  • color - Vivid Green
  • Carats - call for detail
  • Shape - Oval
  • Cut - Gem cut
  • Size - 7
  • Handmade

These stones are little green nuggets of positive power. Their vibration brings an inner sense of warmth and well-being, like sunshine on a spring day. Peridots help one activate and harmonize the third and fourth chakras, creating an integration of Love and Will. They can assist us in having the courage to act out our heart’s desires, and to be generous to others, even as we pursue our individual destinies. Peridot is a stone of financial and spiritual abundance, and it can aid in attracting and creating our most important inner visions here on Earth.

Peridot can assist one in reestablishing a sense of self-worth if one is plagued by guilt or regret for past deeds. It quiets spiritual fears—for example, those related to a feeling of karmic debt—and allows one to move forward on one’s evolutionary path.

Simmons, Robert. The Book of Stones, Revised Edition (p. 369).